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CEGW: A quick guide to our classes!

We have been doing some serious growing here at CEGW! Starting from our roots in artistic gymnastics, we've expanded our classes to offer a variety of fitness fun for all ages! Check out all our activities including parkour, cheer, trampoline & tumbling, and more! Not sure what some of these really entail? Not to worry, read on for our quick-guide on all the activities we offer:

Girls and Boys Gymnastics

Our girls and boys gymnastics programs focus on establishing a strong foundation in physical skills. Participants develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, with an emphasis on character-building and fostering an active lifestyle. We have competition teams for both boys and girls gymnastics. Master your skills and show them off in competition! 

Recreational Programs

Recreational gymnastics and fitness classes at Cascade Elite cater to different age groups, offering a mix of activities to cultivate a lasting appreciation for growth, movement, and learning. Check out our recreational gymnastics classes,  preschool classes, parent & tot, beginners parkour, and cheer classes to have some fun, learn, and be active!


Ever wonder what parkour actually is? Here is a quick summary: parkour is a primarily non-competitive physical training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, and climbing! Beyond overcoming the obstacles, participants of our parkour classes develop agility, creativity, and problem-solving skills, engaging in a dynamic form of fitness! We offer co-ed classes to get both boys and girls overcoming obstacles, staying active, and having fun! We even have a 12' warped wall that will challenge even the most dedicated athletes! 


We are proud to offer the one and only all-star recreational cheer program in Kitsap County! We have a  variety of cheer classes including beginning cheer, teen tumbling, and stunt basics! Whether you're a first timer aiming to learn basics and progressions, someone who wants develop their tumbling skills, or looking to grasp the fundamentals of cheer stunting, we've got the class for you!

Trampoline & Tumbling

Bounce and flip with our trampoline and tumbling classes! These activities enhance coordination, balance, spatial awareness, agility, and strength. A high-flying sub sport of gymnastics focusing on the events of trampoline, power tumbling and double mini trampoline, it is a great activity for any age and level. We offer preschool classes, starters classes, and competition T&T team. T&T team is a great opportunity to be a part of a competitive environment, without the time commitment of our competitive gymnastics programs!


focus on a combination of obstacle training, trampoline, and gymnastics. Development of bi-lateral motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination + more! Perfect for your child to get moving and have some fun!

Cascade Elite West is excited to expand and offer a range of activities for everyone! As we expand beyond gymnastics, we invite parents to explore the opportunities available. We are always adding new classes and activities, so be sure to check our site regularly to see what's new here at the gym! Contact us today to enroll your child in a class that aligns with their unique interests and aspirations. Let's make Cascade Elite Gymnastics West the destination for your child’s growth and fun!

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