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Cascade Elite Gymnastics West was founded on the belief that children NEED to be actively encouraged and challenged.  With the structure and discipline of a sport such as gymnastics, children will be given the opportunity to grow mentally and physically stronger in a nurturing and positive environment.   Our program will help each child develop motor skill milestones guided by an INNOVATIVE program designed and structured to fit the needs of today’s children. The thought process and desires of children these days have rapidly changed while gymnastics programs across the country have been structured the same for decades.  In the vast majority of all other sports, children get the opportunity to join a team, build friendships, train together, and then support each other during their games.  Gymnastics has been one of these rare sports where children are asked to attend countless classes for months (and sometimes years) with very little chance of ever showcasing their skills. CEGW’s philosophy is that gymnastics is a wonderful sport and everyone should get the opportunity to experience the full benefits of being part of a gym team!


Our Facility

With over 16,000 square feet of state of the art gymnastics equipment, Cascade Elite West is recognized as one of the most outstanding gymnastics centers in Washington. In addition to being bright and beautiful, our facility was designed so that there was something for everyone!


Preschool Gymnastics

  • Bar set-up sized for preschool hands

  • Low beams, wide beams, colored beams, beams of different textures to accommodate the wider feet and higher center of gravity of our preschool gymnasts

Ages 5 and above

  • 12 balance beams, some of which dismount into a foam pit

  • Rod tumbling floor which dismounts into a foam pit

  • 4 vaults, both of which can land into a foam pit

  • 2 level 3 Vault systems and multiple Vault trainers

  • 4 sets of uneven bars

  • Multiple single rails bars

  • Dedicated foam pit for bars

  • Spring floors


All of our athletes enjoy

  • 2 spring gymnastics floors

  • In-ground long trampoline, above ground long trampoline, and Olympic Type Trampoline

  • Bungee system

  • Spotting belt system


Our families benefit from

  • Spacious viewing area

  • Free high-speed Internet access

  • Pro Shop for athletic & fun wear

Cascade Elite Gymnastics West is the ideal place for fitness, fun and families!

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