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5th Week Closures for all Rec Classes. Rec Classes Include:

  • Parent & Tot Classes

  • Preschool Classes

  • Girls & Boys Starter Classes

  • Advanced Classes

  • Progressive Classes

  • Hot Shots

  • Cheer

  • Parkour

  • Bronze Prep Teams

  • All Stars

  • Boys Pre-team

  • Firecrackers

  • Little Crawlers

  • Kids Open Gym

  • T&T Classes

Our schedule is based on 4 weeks, and we are always closed on the 5th week. 

Example: If your class is on a Monday, and there are 5 Monday's in a month, we will be closed on that 5th Monday. Holidays will alter this schedule such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day. 



Monday, april 29th
tuesday, april 30th

April CEGW closures
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