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6 mos - 4 years

GYMNASTICS for ALL ages and abilities

Cascade Elite Gymnastics West offers a program for children of all ages, abilities, and levels. Our primary goal is to provide each member with a safe and progressive platform to learn not only fun and rewarding gym skills but more importantly, life-long lessons. The athletes, parents, and teaching staff will work together to provide an environment that has the best interest of the child.

Little Crawlers

6 months - 18 months

45 mins - $65/month

A time for connection and development, Little Crawlers is structured to benefit both parent and baby. Each class provides opportunity for tummy time, crawling courses, fine motor and gross motor skill practice. Children and parents interact with each other through songs, group activities and exploration time. Each class is 45 mins in length.

Parent & Tot

18 months - 3 years

45 mins ago - $65/month

The  perfect quality time for parent and child to laugh, play and learn. Parents will play, spot, and encourage their children through instructor directed activities that will improve fine and gross motor skills. Our classes offer social activities as well as pre-school readiness activities for children to practice while making new friends! Children will learn to swing, tumble, and balance in a safe and exciting environment.

Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool T&T

Little Ninja Preschool

3  & 4 years

45 mins - $65/month

A time for fun and independent learning! Children will learn how to balance, swing, tumble and perform basic gymnastics skills! Each class will help your child create a positive self image through their accomplishments, positive motivation and reassurance of their abilities. There will be numerous opportunities to learn a new skill, practice gross motor skills, practice following directions and learn to cooperate with friends. 

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